Jason Donnelly

ACD | Sr. Copywriter

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I am an associate creative director of copy with over 8 years in the industry on both the in-house and agency side of things. While working with some of the biggest brands in the world, I’ve learned how to easily communicate marketing priorities to readers. My expertise traverses social, digital, video, OOH, SEO, short-form, long-form, audio, influencer, and experiential in CPG, music, alcohol, subscription-based services, and so much more.

TLDR; I’m a storyteller looking for the next compelling way to spread your message. Find my resume here

Fun Facts

  • I have

    • 3 master's degrees

    • 4 published books

  • I recruited myself into my first copywriting gig

  • My playlist on Spotify is the most eclectic list of all time

  • I was a college professor for a year

  • I used to be a professional juggler
  • I'm gonna be a daddy in December
  • I have more connections on LinkedIn than you do
  • I've got a clothing brand called The Casual Cult
  • I'm the CMO of TWO different cryptocurrencies... ask me about them.
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