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The Cold Feat Book

PUBLICATION DAY: August 20th, 2023

"Cold Feat: A Memoir of How I Froze My Mid-Life Crisis Right Off" is a sharp-witted, deeply personal journey penned by Jason Donnelly into the heart of a modern mid-life crisis. This book is not just another clichéd self-help guide but a rollicking tale of transformation through unexpected methods, primarily, the shockingly cold world of ice bathing.


Navigating through life’s turbulent mid-section with a unique blend of humor, raw honesty, and resilience, Jason recounts his descent into the icy depths of his mid-life crisis and the unusual therapy that helped him freeze his problems right off. Amidst navigating life's highs and lows, Jason confronts the loss of his mother-in-law to cancer and a significant weight loss journey, all while dipping into the chilly temperatures of his homemade ice bath(s).


With stories from thirteen other ice bath enthusiasts contributing their frosty anecdotes, Jason demonstrates how he turned his life around and discovered a passion for cold bathing that led to physical health benefits and a fresh perspective on life. These stories further provide diverse experiences and insights on the icy self-improvement method, creating a rich tapestry of voices that echo the central theme of perseverance amidst adversity.


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In "Cold Feat," the icy world of cold baths becomes more than just a new-age health fad—it morphs into a metaphor for the mid-life crisis itself. As you soak in Jason's sarcasm-infused commentary, you'll uncover the profound transformation hidden beneath the frosty surface of ice baths. You'll see how the freezing cold can thaw the most stuck-in-the-ice life situations, and how it can help melt away pounds, stress, and, most importantly, a mid-life crisis.


With its lively blend of humor, heartfelt memoir, and unusual self-help advice, Jason Donnelly's "Cold Feat: A Memoir of How I Froze My Mid-Life Crisis Right Off" offers an icy lifeline to anyone sinking in the middle of life's tumultuous sea. Dive in—you might just find the chilling wake-up call you've been waiting for.

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